Friday, 10 August 2012

Am I really that boring?

Now, I am the first to admit that when it comes to going on nights out I'm not the most enthusiastic person, not that there is anything wrong with partying until the early hours of the weekend after a long week, it is just something that has never really floated my boat. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than going for a cheeky cocktail with friends after you've all had a busy Friday, I'm just not a rolling in at 6am kinda gal.

Suddenly though, after seeing all these posts on Facebook regarding my friends activity I began to question whether or not I am in fact, potentially, the most boring person in the world. This summer I haven't been on an exotic drunken friend holiday, nor have I skydived, purchased a car or covered myself in tattoos, at 20 years old shouldn't my life be full of such events? Just because it is not, does this make me categorically boring? I don't think so, or I'd like to think not. I just enjoy different things.
I'm not sure whether anything can be classed as categorically boring. For me it seems its more a matter of personal opinion. My Dad for example could spend hours talking to me about his beloved football teams reserve players, now it's not my favourite topic of conversation but he is so enthusiastic and passionate about it that it can't possibly be categorically boring. 

If staying in with a Hot chocolate, watching cheesy films instead of going out and dancing the night away is boring, then I hold my hands up and admit to being boring, but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. We're all different people, we all like and dislike different things and its that, that makes us all interesting. Come to think of it, if everyone liked and did exactly the same things then we would all be 'boring'.

What would we talk about? We couldn't laugh at each others mis-haps or different experiences! All too often you're criticised for not doing certain things, maybe my shyness doesn't help with the whole outgoing/ living life on the edge thing, but I'm okay with that. For now anyway. And you should be okay with that too! You can't please everyone all of the time, besides if you're having fun doing whatever you like doing, then what does it matter?

An old teacher of mine once said 'You don't have to necessarily like, or agree with something. You just need to appreciate it'  So I appreciate others outgoing-ness, but I also appreciate my 'boring-ness' :)

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  1. aww i really enjoyed this, it sounds just like me! ive just turned 21 and often think maybe i should be doing more things that 21 year olds 'should be doing' haha but i wouldnt be being me if i started partying in sweaty clubs till 5 in the morning - i much prefer home comforts and doing things i actually like - it doesn't make you boring at all just different :D

    lucy xx