Sunday, 25 August 2013

New wardrobe staples

Hello! I've picked up a few items of clothing recently that are what I would call 'Wardrobe Staples'. Nothing too fancy, but practical things that I hope to build outfits around...

First of all my mum got me a leather jacket, or biker jacket. I've been toying with the idea of getting one for months now, but I've always been a bit unsure. ( I know I'm super late on this leather jacket bandwagon) I see other people wearing them, and think they look great, but have thought that it wouldn't suit me! So I need some advice... I'm not sure what to wear it with, if you guys have any styling ideas, or own a leather jacket please let me know!!

Next I got myself some new PJ bottoms, now I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of getting into bed with new PJ's ( One of life's simple pleasures). This navy and cream tartan pair cost just £5 from Primark. They are super long, and really soft. Perfect for when Autumn arrives. The white blouse is also from Primark, it is just a simple plain blouse with capped sleeves, and buttons down the front. They had a few colours, and at £8 it was a bargain so if you're looking for some 'blouse basics' go take a look!!

I needed some black trousers for my new job that I'm starting in September. The dress code isn't too strict, just no blue jeans, or low cut tops. These Joni jeans from TopShop are perfect! I already have two pairs of blue Joni jeans, and they are so comfortable! They are high waisted, and fit like a dream!

And last but not least...nail polish. I fear for work I shall have to part ways with my beloved Red nail polish, but I hate my 'naked nails'! After hearing lots of things about Barry M Lychee I decided to grab a bottle! I've not used it yet, but if you own it let me know if you like it?
I also grabbed a clear top coat/base as Barry M was on offer in Boots!!

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xx

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  1. i have voted you for the liebster award, please check out my latest post :D

    one of my colleagues wears barry m 'nude' to work and gets away with it (we're not allowed to wear polish) but with closer inspection her nails look lovely and sleek xx