Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cyder/Cider Vinegar: A Blemish fix?

As much of a cliche as this may sound, I've always had problem skin. Without going into too much detail, I wouldn't describe it as severe acne, but I mostly get spots on my chin and on my cheeks, with an oily T-Zone. (Attractive ay?)

I've been to the doctor about it a few times and tried various medications, but the last time I went they were quite rude to me, and made me feel as if I was a time waster.

After some tears (I know this sounds pathetic to some) and a little bit of research, I discovered Cyder or Cider Vinegar. I know a family friend who uses it, and it works a treat, but I'm aware that there are mixed reviews. Some say that it really helped with reducing oily skin, and clearing up blemishes. Others however, seemed to get no improvement at all.

It's quite acidic, so I think what I'm going to do is make my own cleanser with it. When you first use it, it is advised that you mix it up with water, and apply it using a cotton pad.

I'm not sure it'll work for me, and I'm not expecting overnight miracles but I picked up this bottle from Holland & Barrett for just £1.99. So I've not lost a huge amount if it doesn't.

What I really want to know is if any of you have used it? I'd love to know how, or even if it worked for you? And how you used it?


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  1. i've had the same problem. let me know how this goes!