Sunday, 22 December 2013

New York: Part Two...

Our second day in the big city was just as eventful as the first. Although the temperature was freezing, the day was bright and crisp. With barely a cloud in the sky, it was the perfect day for some more sightseeing.

Wrapped up in as many jumpers as we could wear, we made our way down Manhattan towards Battery Park. Here, we caught the ferry across to Liberty Island, to say hello to the good lady herself. The ferry ride is pretty short, and although it was rocky at times, the view is second-to-none.

From the water you get to see the whole city, its skyline just rises from the water in various shades of grey and blue.

Unfortunately, the ferry ride made me feel a tad ill, so on the actual island I didn’t take too many photographs. Standing beneath the statue was bizarre, almost surreal and one more thing ticked off the bucket list.

After walking around the island, getting a bite to eat, and exploring the gift shop, we re-joined the queue for the ferry back. The queue was huge; it twisted its way round most of the island. I think we stood in it for a good hour and a half, at least.  Slowly the clouds closed in, and the temperature dropped significantly. As we all stood, huddled together, something quite magical happened.  Out of nowhere, snow began gently falling, and everyone in the queue seemed to instantly lift in spirit. Suddenly total strangers were asking us how we had spent thanksgiving, and telling us how they had spent theirs. Asking where in England we were all from, and what we all thought of New York.

By the time the ferry had docked back at Battery Park it was early evening. In a frantic bid to regain feeling in our fingers and toes we made our way to Starbucks, and sat in there sipping hot chocolate until the sun went down.

Under the cover of darkness is when New York seems to come alive. You really get a sense of why it is ‘The City that never sleeps’. Amongst the hustle and bustle we made our way towards Ground Zero, and The Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center.

Ground Zero was full of people, and yet there was this calm silence. No longer were you surrounded by people in a rush, instead all were slow. In some ways I felt strange being there, when you stand at ground level you simply cannot believe that the Twin Towers once stood there. It is a place of quiet reflection and remembrance; there was no sense of anger or despair. 

One World Trade Center is a spectacular building, the tallest building in the United States; it rises above the city like a phoenix from the flame. In darkness the top of the building melts into the sky. It is quite something.

From here, we caught the subway back uptown. After going back to the hotel to refresh, and get a bite to eat our next stop was Macy’s. Fortunately for us, the Herald Square flagship store was literally round the corner from the hotel. Just one short stroll and we arrived in retail heaven! The store is just huge, yet impeccable. Like Harrods has been taking steroids or something.

The staff were all so polite, nothing seemed too much to ask. The holiday spirit was in full swing, with the store fully decorated for the festive period.

It was here that I met, and fell in love with a Mr Michael Kors. I was smitten, and he was coming home with me. Well, not literally Michael, but one of his beautiful bags and a purse to match. 

If ever you get the chance to go, I urge you to step inside. Even if you don’t purchase anything just go and experience it.  

That’s it for this post folks. More from my little trip to the Big Apple coming soon.

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