Sunday, 25 May 2014

Roaccutance Update.

Hello all!
I thought it was about time I posted an update on my Roaccutane treatment, so here we go…

Treatment time:
1 month


General feelings:

In general I am feeling pretty good, the medication doesn’t seem to have impacted my mood or general wellbeing so far.
I think when taking something like this, it is important not to let yourself get too caught up in the controversy surrounding it. If you walk into it with an open mind it seems to make things a lot easier.


The oiliness has pretty much gone, and I can't tell you how amazing that feels. My face no longer looks greasy and my make-up stays put. My skin is very dry and flaky, but nothing too bad. With regards to spots, they are still forming around my chin (nice ay?) but they fade a lot faster than before. I feel that progress is slowly being made!!

Side effects:

Something I noticed almost immediately was how tired I felt, for the first two weeks I felt completely drained all of the time. Thankfully after these two weeks the tiredness faded and my energy levels went back to normal.

Next are dry eyes, I wouldn’t say they are painful but they are irritated. Initially it felt like I had sand or grit in them and I’ve found that a cold compress really helps. I normally just get some cotton pads, soak them in cold water and place them over my eyes.  (I’m not brave enough to use eye-drops!)

Dry lips are something that can’t be avoided, and I don’t know what I would do without my Blistex products! (They haven’t sponsored me, I just love them!).  The Intensive Moisturiser tube is great, but because the cream is quite thick I use this at night-time. I just pop some on before bed and it lasts through the night. During the day I use the Blistex MedPlus pot, the clear gel is really hydrating.

My nose mostly feels blocked all of the time, with no major bleeds.

What next?:

At my last appointment I was asked if I would like to try a higher dosage to see how I get on. Personally I felt more comfortable continuing on 30mg until I had reached the end of the 2nd month.
I will go back to the clinic on the 9th of June, which in theory is the halfway point of my treatment. Here I will have blood work done, to check how my liver is coping, and I can then reassess my level of dosage.

So far all seems to be going well, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t had any side effects, but they have all been minor and easily manageable.  
I shall update you again soon!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Mini Homeware Haul!

The older I get, the more I seem to enjoy all things interior. I love looking for new items I can purchase for home. Recently I have picked up a few lovely pieces that I thought I would share with you.


First of all I bought these glass jars from Laura Ashley. We all have those bobby pins that seem to vanish, or cotton pads in ugly plastic packaging. These items will now have a classy new home, on my dressing table, inside these lovely little jars! I got mine in the sale a few months ago, and although they are no longer discounted  you can still get them here 

I did notice the other day that you can get an almost identical jar from Dunelm Mill for just £2.99. Available here  

 Also from Laura Ashley were these lovely little coasters. I needed some for my bedside table, as I kept getting marks on the cream paint. Dusky Pink and Polka dot is always a win! They cost me just over £4 for 4 in the sale.

Next I popped to Ikea. A place where you go in looking for just one, specific item, and come out with loads of things that you don’t even need. (Who can resist those huge bags of tealights?!) Not everyone will agree, but I like the look of mismatched glasses and crockery in the kitchen. I couldn’t resist picking up these Pink items.

Finally, I picked up this glass water jug and cup from a small, local shop. 

Something about it just caught my eye; I loved the simplistic, retro feel, to the design.  I always need to drink more water, so it now lives on my bedside table.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

April Favourites

Hello! I know it is a little late, but I thought I would do a post about my latest monthly favourites. April seems to have flown by and I found myself reaching for these items! – Along with lots and lots of chocolate!

|| Sanctuary Spa Body Butter||

I absolutely adore this body butter. First of all it smells incredible, (almost good enough to eat) and reminds me of holidays to exotic islands. The mix of Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and Shea Butter is super moisturising and rich, without being horridly thick.
A little really does go a long way, and at £10 from boots, it is an absolute steal!


|| L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder||

I picked one of these up whilst on a mad dash around Boots, and I have since been back to pick up more! Being fair skinned I often find it difficult to get my hands on a powder that is pale enough to match my skin tone, without making me look like a chalky ghost. This makes my skin look fresh and toned, with a velvety soft finish. The packaging is fun, and sleek, with a handy mirror hidden inside. It doesn’t keep me shine free for 8 hours, but I have very oily skin. If you’re looking for a new powder, give this a go!


|| Vaseline||

For me, this is a staple beauty item and the perfect example of "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it". Without adding any glitter, overly fancy packaging or fragrance, this little tin makes my lips feel silky, moisturised and smooth. This is a no-fuss beauty hero, and can be found in my handbag, work bag and bedside table.
I couldn’t live without it.


|| Lily-Flame Dolly Rocker Candle||

I love my scented candles and Lily-Flame makes some absolute gems! Their candle range is lovely quality and fun. ‘Dolly Rocker’ is one of my favourites. The scent is feminine, rich, sweet and floral all at once. With a burn time of 35hours this little pot of joy lasts a long time, adding comfort to any room.


So those were my April monthly favourites. I'd love to know what you've been enjoying!