Friday, 9 May 2014

Mini Homeware Haul!

The older I get, the more I seem to enjoy all things interior. I love looking for new items I can purchase for home. Recently I have picked up a few lovely pieces that I thought I would share with you.


First of all I bought these glass jars from Laura Ashley. We all have those bobby pins that seem to vanish, or cotton pads in ugly plastic packaging. These items will now have a classy new home, on my dressing table, inside these lovely little jars! I got mine in the sale a few months ago, and although they are no longer discounted  you can still get them here 

I did notice the other day that you can get an almost identical jar from Dunelm Mill for just £2.99. Available here  

 Also from Laura Ashley were these lovely little coasters. I needed some for my bedside table, as I kept getting marks on the cream paint. Dusky Pink and Polka dot is always a win! They cost me just over £4 for 4 in the sale.

Next I popped to Ikea. A place where you go in looking for just one, specific item, and come out with loads of things that you don’t even need. (Who can resist those huge bags of tealights?!) Not everyone will agree, but I like the look of mismatched glasses and crockery in the kitchen. I couldn’t resist picking up these Pink items.

Finally, I picked up this glass water jug and cup from a small, local shop. 

Something about it just caught my eye; I loved the simplistic, retro feel, to the design.  I always need to drink more water, so it now lives on my bedside table.


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