Friday, 12 September 2014

Summer Saviour Products

Now that summer is well and truly over I thought that I would look back at some of my “Summer Saviour Products”, items that helped me survive those hot days and cool evenings.

Soltan Kids Dry Touch Lotion: As someone who has fair skin I have to be very careful about protecting myself in the sun. Although it is designed for kids I found this sun cream to be the best I have used for a long time.  The lotion itself is a little thicker than some others but application is easy and you can get dressed and out the door within minutes. I will say that it isn’t completely “dry-touch” but is more ‘tacky’ than sticky or slimy on application.

Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion with Insect Repellent: After spending a little too long in the sun I found this aftersun to be super cooling and soothing. It does have a watery consistency but absorbed into my skin quickly and the insect repellent was a great-added bonus.

Triple Dry Anti-Perspirant: Oh the glamour of deodorant! I’m not an excessive sweater but this product ensured I stayed clean, dry and fresh throughout even the hottest of summer days. You apply it before bed and are good to go for the whole day without evening worrying. It is a little pricey at £6.45 (Boots online) but I can honestly say it is worth every penny. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone!

Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel: Summer time means getting your legs out and that means shaving. I love this product and have never got a shaving rash or irritation whilst using it. The texture is soft and foamy and it left my legs feeling silky smooth.

So there we have it, my “Summer Saviour Products”. If you are heading away to get some winter sun then why not give these a try. Do you have any products that you just can’t live without in the summer months?

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